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Job Role: Chief Operating Officer

We are looking for a hardworking, diligent, and organised individual to join Warriors Development Agency (WDA) as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The right candidate for this position will have a broad range of skills, be very adaptable and have experience managing a team. This role would suit someone with 3+ years experience of working within operations, marketing, ticketing, or partnerships, who has a strong interest in sport and business.

This individual will have day to day responsibility for the operations and commercial management of the business reporting directly to the President of WDA.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Broadcast Operations

  • Responsible for all commercial broadcast partnerships
  • Direction and coordination of the logistics for output and distribution to all broadcast partners
  • Overall responsibility for distribution of media materials to all commercial partners, including but not limited to broadcasters
  • Management of archive and clipping software


  • Management of and key contact for CW production partner
  • Sign off VTs, scripts and commercial messaging within the broadcast
  • Overall responsibility for the CW live TV production

Ticketing Management & Ownership

  • P&L responsibility for ticketing
  • Overall management of ticketing pricing and strategy
  • Key contact for venues and ticketing providers
  • Responsible for managing athlete ticketing incentives
  • Reporting on ticketing to senior management

Commercial Partnerships

  • Actively seeking new partnership opportunities
  • Responsible for activating any new or existing partnerships
  • Day-to-day account management for activation rights for key sponsors and the delivery of sponsors rights around events
  • Produce and own all brand sales materials


  • Day-to-day management of WDA team
  • Key contact for venues
  • Sourcing and booking venues for CW events
  • Responsible for all in-venue branding
  • Key contact for CW team and athletes during events
  • Responsible for ensuring events run smoothly


  • Overall responsibility for WDA marketing strategy and implementation
  • Ensure the successful and scalable development of digital infrastructure of the business
  • Building and delivering a realistic WDA CRM and data strategy focused on selling tickets
  • Liaison with partners and distribution of marketing materials to maximise the growth of WDA

Athlete Servicing

  • Athlete contract distribution and signing
  • Managing and maximising fighter ticket sales
  • Overseeing fighter media appearances
  • Fighter media content distribution


  • Hard-working, flexible, adaptable.
  • Demonstrable ability to learn new skills.
  • Willingness to work long hours and respond to messages from athletes/partners ‘out of hours.’
  • Prepared to travel and work Cage Warriors show weekends. 


In / around London.


If you think you would be a good fit for this role please send your CV and cover letter to careers@cagewarriors.com.

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