Cage Warriors partner with Isodiol to promote athlete wellness

Cage Warriors are excited to announce a new partnership with Isodiol International Inc., a global innovator specialising in sports and wellness products.

Isodiol will launch its European roll out of Iso-Sport ™ at CW90 in Liverpool, England on February 24th, and will work together with Cage Warriors to promote ISO-Sport ™ and grow the Company’s business in the European market.  This sponsorship is designed to promote athlete wellness and makes Iso-Sport ™ the official Partner of Cage Warriors for all sport supplements, hydration and nutrition products.

ISO-Sport ™ will begin to develop new innovative products specifically for MMA fighters to help throughout their daily lives, training and recovery process.

“This partnership with Isodiol is exciting” said Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan. “Their commitment to athlete well-being has impressed us; and we will work with them to build their business in our markets – helping them develop the right products for athletes within MMA and in other European sports too.”

For more information on Iso-Sport ™, please visit


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