Cage Warriors prepare to hit the U.S.A

Having cemented its legacy as the leading MMA promotion in Europe, Cage Warriors prepares to expand its reach into the U.S.A in 2021.

This week, the California State Athletic Commission approved Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan’s MMA promoter’s license, opening up a new chapter for the company.

As reported by USA Today, Cage Warriors look to stage a number of stateside events in 2021.

Having built the early careers of almost 100 UFC names to date, Cage Warriors look forward to developing talent from the U.S in a new and exciting market. As part of his new venture, Boylan has confirmed plans to match a number of bouts featuring both European and North American fighters, displaying the finest prospects from both continents.

Before Cage Warriors’ plans in the U.S are underway, the promotion will stage 3 back-to-back events on December 10th, 11th and 12th, in ‘THE TRILOGY Strikes Back.’ All 3 of the behind-closed-doors events will be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass live from London’s York Hall, the venue that hosted the first ever Cage Warriors event in July 2002.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Cage Warriors is Europe’s leading and longest-running mixed martial arts promotion.

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