Cage Warriors fighters predict McGregor vs Poirier

The UFC are gearing up to stage one of their biggest events of the year, when Dustin Poirier and former 2-weight Cage Warriors Champion Conor McGregor go head-to-head. We asked our roster how they’re calling it.

Jake Hadley: “I think it will go exactly like the first fight. The skill gap in the striking is massive, and I think it’s going to be exposed again.”

Paddy Pimblett: “For me, I can’t go against Conor, especially now when he’s looking as motivated to compete as he did when he became double champ. I think McGregor in the first more than likely, even though I really like Dustin and want him to make a good account of himself. We would all love a 5 round war!”

Morgan Charriere: “I think Conor will win this fight. In the earlier rounds, he will have the advantage with his precision and his left hand. If Poirier can win this fight, it will be in the later rounds with his pressure, but I don’t think he will be able to survive  the first two rounds. Conor is really just too good.”

Jack Cartwright: “I think Conor will stop him 1st or second round at the latest. He bullied him in the first fight physically, and mentally knocked him out and sent him on his way… and there’s no way Dustin doesn’t remember that. If somehow Poirier survives until the championship rounds, Conor might dip and Dustin could have a chance. I doubt that will happen though I see Conor hitting him hard early, not letting him off the hook and scoring another first round KO.”

Adam Amarasinghe: “I think McGregor takes this one. Poirier has come along way since their last bout, but he takes time to ramp up through the gears. McGregor is sharp from the bell so I think he’ll get the finish within 2.”

Ian Garry: “Conor is going to approach the fight differently than he approached the first fight. I think he’s going to come out and start a bit slower, so I don’t think we’re going to see a first round KO. However, I do see him picking up the pace in the second and third, as he’s been saying he wants to get some time in the cage, so potentially I see a later stoppage. I don’t see where Dustin beats him.”

Jordan Vucenic: “I think McGregor is going to look like the old, hungry McGregor and make it look easy.”

Aaron Khalid: “I’m going to have to go with Conor. Stylistically it’s not a good fight for Dustin, he likes to box and is very hittable which is evident in his previous fights. I think Conor catches him clean & early. 1st round TKO to Conor.”

Oban Elliot: “I just think the Mac is a different gravy all together in the 155lb division. Even more so than Khabib when Conor is right. Dustin has proven himself to be a warrior and a champion and I truly believe he looks up for this fight more than he ever has done in his career, but styles make fights and I think Conor has the answer to Dustins boxing style. It could go to Dustin if he plays his cards right, but if we get both Conor and Dustin at their best, I believe Conor is slightly better on the feet, and we will see a trademark Conor McGregor knockout.”

Perry Goodwin: “I would have to put my money on McGregor. I think Poirier takes too much punishment looking at his last few fights. I think McGregor is the fresher fighter.”

Paul Hughes: “For selfish reasons I want it to be a 5 round war, but my gut is telling me McGregor by spectacular KO in the first or second. I believe the KO will be from a different shot than the left hand, like a knee. Mcgregor is the GOAT and he will make it look easy as he always does.”

Adam Cullen: “I think for the main event I have to go with McGregor by KO. He’s a man known for rising to the occasion. Combined with his big left hand, I think it will be over inside 2 rounds.”

Joe McColgan: “I think McGregor will win by stoppage in the 2nd round. He seems to be in a great place mentally and physically, as do his entire team. When he is on form he is p4p, skill for skill, the best fighter on the planet.”

Ben Ellis: “I think Conor will be too clean for him, and will catch him in the 1st or early in the 2nd. I can’t see anyone giving Conor too many problems in a fight using primarily boxing, but that’s Dustin’s game so it’s a nice stylistic match up for Conor.”

Conor McGregor becomes Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion after a win over Dave Hill at CW47

Aidan Stephen: “It’s a great fight but nothing changes from the first fight. Dustin is too slow a starter, Conor is on you from the first second. Personally I’d love to see a 5 round war, but Conor gets this done in under 2 rounds.”

Matt Bonner: “Its a tough prediction to make, but after underestimating Connor in the past and after his destruction of Cerrone, I can see Connor getting a TKO victory in the second round.”

Nathan Fletcher: “I can see Conor getting it done early by ko, from what I’ve seen in interviews and the embedded’s so far Dustin looks beat mentally already.”

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