CW119 weigh-in results

Check out the results from the CW119 weigh-ins before Saturday night’s event.


Main Card


Perry Goodwin 145 lbs vs. Morgan Charrière 143.9 lbs

Agy Sardari  154.2 lbs vs. Jack Grant 154.4 lbs

Jordan Vucenic  144.7 lbs vs. Paul Hughes  145.9 lbs

Lawrence Tracey  169.5 lbs vs. Ian Garry  170.4 lbs

Kieran Lister  155.5 lbs vs. Joe McColgan  155.9 lbs




Dario Bellandi  191.5 lbs vs. Will Currie  190.7 lbs (192 lbs catchweight bout)

Lukasz Marcinkoweski 184.9 lbs vs. Christian Duncan 185.3 lbs

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