CW117 weigh-in results

Check out the results from the CW117 weigh-ins before Thursday night’s event.


Main card

9PM on UFC Fight Pass


Jake Hadley 125 lbs vs. Luke Shanks 124.4 lbs
Adam Amarasinghe 124.5 lbs vs. Sam Creasey 125.4 lbs
Michele Martignoni 135.8 lbs vs. Weslley Maia 135 lbs
Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar 155.8 lbs vs. Stevie McIntosh 154.8 lbs
Aidan Stephen 145.4 lbs vs. Emrah Sonmez 145.2 lbs



8PM on UFC Fight Pass


Michal Figlak 155.2 lbs vs. Anthony O’Connor 154.9 lbs
Oscar Ownsworth 155 lbs vs. Adam Cullen 155.5 lbs


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