CW90 stars bid to kick bullying out of Liverpool

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett and ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann are some of the toughest fighters ever to come out of Liverpool. They fight for a living, and spend countless hours training with one goal in mind – to finish their opponents as quickly as possible when it comes to fight night. But they have a softer side.

In between rounds, away from the cameras and crowds, Pimblett and McCann fight for those less fortunate in their city. Since becoming two of the biggest stars in European MMA, they’ve used their exposure to help many people of all ages across their city and raise funds for numerous local charities, including Charlie’s Chance, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

…and the ‘No More Knives’ campaign.

When Pimblett and McCann heard that a young girl in their city was suffering from bullying at school, they invited her to the gym to show that she had friends in the MMA community that would protect her. Young Millie received private training classes and gifts to take home, but more importantly the backing of two of Liverpool’s toughest athletes.

“Bullies are a pet hate of mine,” says Pimblett.

“What a brave little girl. If anyone tries to bully her now, she’s got me and Molly to answer to, so I’m daring someone to say something to her ever again!

Bullies are done in this city. The Next Generation team are putting a stop to it all together.”

The city of Liverpool always supports its own, a fact which has led to the Echo Arena drawing some of the biggest Cage Warriors crowds in history. At our next event, CW90 on February 24th, we expect McCann and Pimblett to raise the roof off the Echo with the might of Millie and the rest of the city behind them!

Tickets for Cage Warriors’ return to Liverpool can be bought from the Echo Arena here.

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