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CWA Prospect Profile – Muhidin Abubakar

With Cage Warriors 100 just days away, the Cage Warriors Academy Grand Prix Finals are getting closer and closer. For Muhidin Abubakar, this means the opportunity for him to win his finals match-up is also approaching.

Muhidin fights out of London and will meet Ciaran Mulholand at flyweight on December 8th at the biggest event of the year.

“This Grand Prix final is a massive fight for me. I’ve had big fights…but this definitely tops them all. The exposure, opportunity and reward is gonna be massive and no platform out there can get much bigger than Cage Warriors especially for amateurs and the 100th event will be even bigger than usual.”

Despite acknowledging what a big opportunity this fight is for him, Muhidin is treating the fight itself no different. “The reality is at the end of the day we’re going to do what we always do, and that’s go in the cage and fight in that sense it’s still the same as any other fight.”

His opponent, Ciaran Mulholland is an Irish fighter with a record of 8-6. He is ranked as the 18th amateur in the UK and Ireland, four places behind Muhidin Abubakar though Muhidin places little weight on this and respects Mulholland. “I’ve known who Ciaran Mulholland is for a long time even before I made my mma debut”

“8-6 may not look like the best of records but if you look deep into it he’s fought a lot of very good guys and beat some of them…his resume is definitely more decorated than mine. But we’ll have to see what happens, as we all know there’s been much bigger upsets in this sport.”

Both fighters have several submission victories on their records and though Muhidin respects Mulholland, he doesn’t believe his grappling will be anything he’s not seen before. In his last fight, Muhidin submitted Alex Boyd via armbar after Boyd was able to survive one close armbar attempt.

Muhidin locked this technique up twice in the fight, quickly and efficiently, prompting me to ask whether it was a favorite technique of his to which he gave this analytical response: 

“To be honest I get a lot of armbars in training but I don’t necessarily finish as many of them as you might think. I’ve identified a good few errors I constantly make and I’ll definitely be fixing them before the fight. In terms of being a favorite technique, I wouldn’t really say it is if I’m honest. I think it just presents itself a lot in MMA because of constant errors that are made in guard. People position hands in the wrong place and get impatient which puts them in bad spots.”

Muhidin Abubakar views his amateur fights as valuable learning experiences and despite the platform this fight will give him, is ready to keep moving at a step-by-step basis. “I know Cage Warriors will be offering a contract to the winners of each final but I don’t know if I will go pro. I don’t need to rush anything as I’m still young but we’ll see what’ on the table and what options are available out there and see what’s next from there.”

“Fans can look forward to me leaving my all in that cage and also the same for Ciaran.”

“Everyone should tune in because I think this will win fight of the night and we will be making history when the first amateur grand prix champion is crowned.”

All words by Kyle Dimond.


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