Dolly Clew’s top 10 shots of #THETRILOGY

Top MMA photographer and stalwart of the Cage Warriors’ media team, Dolly Clew, talks us through her top 10 shots of #THETRILOGY.

1. Jordan Vucenic cries tears of joy.

“There’s a lot of emotion in  MMA,  and as Graham was putting the belt around Jordan Vucenic I think it was all sinking in for him and this shot illustrates that.”

Vucenic captured the title in hard fought battle with Morgan Charriere in the main event of #THETRILOGY. His next tiest will be to defend the title.


2. An emotional return for Jean N’Doye

“Jean N’Doye last fought on CW in 2013, if he wins he often celebrates like this –  I hadn’t seen it for 8 years.”

N’Doye would knockout Corrin Eaton at CW 122 with a step in knee, in his first fight back in Cage Warriors since 2013.


3. “The Baddy” leaps into victory

“Paddy Pimblett is always such an exciting fighter to photograph  and here he is in mid air!”

The former Cage Warriors featherweight champion would beat davide Martinez via a first round Rear Naked Choke submission, before asking for Dana White and UFC matchmakers, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard, to give him his call up to the promotion.


4. Giving the featherweight division the “IT” factor

“Tobias Harila’s walkout outfit and the music that accompanied him was insane!”

Making his Cage warriors debut at CW 122, Harila would defeat Aidan Stephen in the first round via TKO, extending his record to 9-1.

5. “The Future” leaves his mark

“This is a great shot because it illustrates the highs and lows, winner and loser all in one shot. Ian Garry celebrating while Rostem Akman receives oxygen.”

Garry would cement his postion in the welterweight tournament final with a head kick KO win over Akman. He now faces Jack Grant in the final.


6. Bouncing back from close defeat

“Paul Hughes’ win meant a lot to him and I think this shot shows that.”

The Irishman put on an incredible display at CW 120, bouncing back from a very close loss to the now featherweight champion, Jordan Vucnenic, at CW 119.


7. Feel the power

“I just think this shot is about as close as it’s possible to be to two guys having a fight, hopefully you get the feeling of the power involved.”

Mateusz Figlak would go on to win this fight against Josh Plant with an incrdibly powerful body shot.


8. Don’t mess with Manny Akpan

“Good action shot, you would not want to be Ben Ellis at that moment.”

Akpan would go on to beat Ben Ellis, landing a spinning kick off the clinch break before follwing in with a flurry of punches to win by TKO.


9. Athleticism in it’s purest form

“I always love shots like this, it just shows off how athletic and strong the fighters are.”

Connor “Hand Grenade” Hignett would live up to his name, knocking out Leigh Mitchell with pounches, but not before the two had shown just how much athleticism is needed for MMA.


10. On the nose

“Will Currie’s nose meet Christian’ s knee. Classic impact shot very hard to get but when you do the results are usually visually great.”

Christian Duncan would go on to win this fight after landing a flurry of shots follwing this flying knee, but this has been deemed controversial with Currie looking for a takedwon when the stoppage was made. Both men look to want a rematch.

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