Jack Grant, the human highlight reel!

There is a man competing in one of the six Cage Warriors title bouts on June 29th that is guaranteed entertainment. His name is Jack Grant.

Grant debuted in Cage Warriors in October 2017 and has picked up three wins on his way to this title shot. He’s on a run of six back-to-back wins, but it’s the way he picks up these victories that is the most impressive part. With a record of eight knockouts, six submissions and a 93% finishing rate, Jack Grant may be the most exciting fighter currently on the European scene.

“I think I’ve just got a really good killer instinct. When I do hurt people or get an opportunity, I’m just really good at capitalizing in the moment.

Jack Grant launches a kick at Mehdi Dakaev during their bout at CW93

“I literally just go in there to win. Whatever I think is going to get me the finish is the opportunity I’ll take. I don’t really go in there with the incentive to do something flashy, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, I’m happy for it to play out as long as I win. That’s my only concern.”

Grant’s extremely creative striking and offensive submission skills have made him undoubtedly one of the most exciting fighters in the division. In his last fight, he stopped 13-5 Aleksi Mantykivi in the first round in a very entertaining fight. Both men landed good shots but as soon as Grant realised Aleksi was hurt, he attacked him, hitting him with five devastating elbows in a row against the cage.

“I often look back at many of my wins that I would say are my better wins and there’s a lot about them that kind of disappoints me. I’m definitely my own worst critic. I don’t think I’ll ever really have that perfect performance, I’m not sure.”

Grant looked set to face Soren Bak for the title months ago, until Bak moved down to featherweight to try and claim that title.

“I’m still a little bit disappointed that we couldn’t have just done it. It would’ve been easy just to make that match, it was presented right in front of him.”

Grant had beaten Mantykivi on Cage Warriors 96 which was headlined by Soren Bak taking on Paddy Pimblett in September 2018. But now, Grant’s chance to win the title is finally here.

“I thought it would be Soren or it would be Paddy Pimblett or someone like that. To be honest with you I think everyone in the division wants to fight someone like Paddy, he’s an exciting name for anyone so yeah that’d be sick. Other than that, there’s some other big names coming about now in our division so there’s plenty to go at and plenty to look forward to.”

Instead, Grant is set to take on Jai Herbert for the vacant title. Grant and Herbert have made themselves the two clear contenders at the top of the division by taking out other competitiors in dominant fashion. Now they’re set to meet for the prestigious Cage Warriors lightweight title, a belt that has been held by many fighters who have gone on to the UFC.

“I think this fight could be on any card in the world.”

Similar in fashion to a former holder of the lightweight title, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, Grant has called his shot saying, “I truly believe I’ll finish him in the first or second round.”

“I think initially when I set my eyes on the belt, I started building up a little bit of pressure in my head. But now I don’t really care if it’s for the belt or if it’s not, or whether it’s in this spectacular arena or whether it’s in a sports hall. I just want to win, that’s my focus.”

Jack Grant has only won one of his 15 wins via a decision and his opponent Jai Herbert has also only been the distance once in his career. Both have dismantled contenders in the lightweight division with their pinpoint striking and finishing skills. If there is any fight on the huge Cage Warriors 106 card that is guaranteed to light the Eventim Apollo in London up, it’s this one. Don’t miss it, and don’t blink. 

Jack Grant will take on Jai Herbert for the vacant Cage Warriors lightweight title at Cage Warriors 106: Night of Champions on the 29th June at the Eventim Apollo, London.

Tickets are on sale HERE.

Words by Kyle Dimond.

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