Kevin Wirth talks about his journey into martial arts and his opponent ahead of CW 126

Kevin Wirth takes on UFC veteran Joseph Morales at CW 126 this Sunday, in a highly anticipated flyweight contest.

Wirth currently trains out of San Diego and has amassed an 8-2 record as a pro before making his Cage Warriors debut in just a few days time.

“I was always into Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and the (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles growing up,” says Wirth when reminiscing about how he got involved with Martial Arts; “Anything like that always interested me.

“I grew up with a little brother and we were always roughhousing so my parents put us into Kung Fu and then wrestling and it sort of grew from there.

“Martial arts is just something that always really fascinated me, I don’t really know what drew me to it but ever since I can remember, it (martial arts) always piqued my interest.”

Wirth (far right) and his Team Arena teammates.

The 34-year-old is currently training at The Arena in San Diego, and mentions how the gym is helping him prepare: “The two main guys I’m training with are Alex (Trinidad) and Enrique Marte) who are on the same card.

“There’s a bunch of hungry fighters here which is really nice.

“We’re always bringing in collegiate wrestlers and pure strikers as well to mix it up.”

Wirth has also trained with other experienced fighters in the past including current UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno (center right), former UFC title contender, Wilson Reis (far right) and Alberto Trujillo (center left).

With the respect Wirth talks about his opponent with, it’s easy to see why he has earned the nickname “Mr Nice Guy”: “Morales has a good jab and a good cross and he’s really sharp with those two tools.

“If I fade off to his power side that’s when he becomes very dangerous.

“He’s also a rhythm fighter. If you let him set his rhythm, let him get comfortable and let him set up his jabs and fainting game, that’s where he is the most dangerous.”

Despite showing respect towards Morales, Wirth has located areas within his opponents’ style that he believes he can work on to win: “He carries his guard really close to his head, which I really like.

“That guard in boxing works really well because of the size of the gloves, but it doesn’t work that well in MMA.

“I can hurt his weapons through hard kicks, just because of the way he holds his guard.”

Kevin Wirth vs Joseph Morales is the co-main event of CW 126.

The prelims start at 6:30pm PT, with the main card getting started at 8:00pm PT, live on UFC Fight Pass and Cage Warriors’ global broadcast partners.

Cage Warriors is Europe’s leading and longest-running mixed martial arts promotion.

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