Oban Elliott: “I’m the worst kept and best kept secret in Cage Warriors”

It has been a rough year and a half for Oban Elliott, with medical issues and a global pandemic keeping the Welsh star outisde of the cage, but it looks as though things are improving for him.

Elliott (3-1) hasn’t fought since losing to Michal Figlak at CW114, with the fight following a tough weight cut, and where Elliott surprised himself in being able to take the fight into the last round before Figlak was able to secure a win.

Oban Elliott, Bouali Skikem

That is in the past now for Elliott, who says: “I’m excited to show all the fans what I can do as an adult.

“I’m not that little 21-year-old hop head anymore.

“I’m a veteran in this game, I’ve only given you one or two fights in two years which is frustrating but I’m feeling positive about the future.”

Following his loss to Figlak, Elliott was found to have been diagnosed with a heart condition, with symptoms of this coming about following a tough weight cut which “Evil” himself attributes to growing during the lockdown and trying to cut too much weight to make the lightweight limit of 155lbs.

Now fighting as a welterweight, “The Welsh Gangster” is much closer to his natural bodyweight and was due to display what he could do at 170lbs at the last trilogy of events Cage Warriors held in March, but due to issues with opponent’s medicals, this couldn’t go ahead.

Oban Elliott

Speaking on this move up in weight, Elliott is all smiles; “I’m the worst kept secret and best-kept secret in Cage Warriors.

“In all my wins you’ve not seen what I can do, I’ve got barely any cage time because I finish people in the first round.

“My only career defeat came after a really horrible weight cut where I was surprised I even made it three rounds and my only set back was due to my ill health.

“I’m buzzing to kick off my return as an underdog in this division and seriously shock everybody.

“I’ve thought about this return every day since my last fight.”


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