Sam Creasey: “If the title opportunity comes again I’ll take it with both hands.”

A well-known face to Cage Warriors fans, Sam Creasey is a flyweight raring to get back into the cage.

Coming off the back of two wins, Sam “Urai” was very open about the fact that if another opportunity at the flyweight title became available for himself, he would take it with both hands

Sam Creasey, Andy Young

Talking to Cage Warriors, Creasey revealed: “I’ve been in title fights twice before and I got knocked a couple of times.

“At the minute, I take every fight as it comes.

“I had two good wins last year against tough, tough opponents and when I take this next fight I’m going to enjoy the moment and not look too far ahead.

“If the title opportunity comes again I’ll take it with both hands.”

Sam Creasey

Creasey bounced back from his second unsuccessful title fight with two wins last year, beating Nicolas Leblond by decision and knocking out Adam Amarasinghe in the final round of their fight in December.

Both wins would come behind closed doors, and for Creasey, this new quieter environment was something he had to adapt to after fighting in some of the loudest venues in the UK: “I just got used to the silence of the arena, especially when you hit somebody and you hear a really nice thud, but I can’t wait to have fans back.

“The crowds inside The Echo and The 02 were insane and really had you on the edge of your seat.

“That builds this pressure as well that you can either thrive on or it can eat you alive.”

Sam Creasey, Paul Marin

With his role as a professional MMA fighter with Cage Warriors, Creasey was afforded the ability to train during the most recent government lockdowns when many MMA gyms were shut to protect the public, and he was eager to express how fortunate he was to have this and encourage others who might be missing exercising and it’s mental health benefits to get out and moving: “I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to train in the gym when others haven’t been allowed.

“I train every day for my own mental health, let alone to get better, so I can see where other people have really struggled with it.

“The only thing that I can really tell people struggling is to get outisde, get in the fresh air and go and do something with their body.”

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