Tobias Harila: “Give me any of the top guys, just tell me when and where and I’ll be there!”

Tobias Harila burst into Cage Warriors with a brilliant TKO win over Aidan Stephen and an equally brilliant walk to the cage, adorned in a robe and clown mask that would strike fear in even the most hardened of souls.

Entering Europe’s promotion with an 8-1 record with all but one of his wins being by way of T/KO, before extending that record to 9-1, Harila’s name was surrounded with urban legends, such as calling out the top fighter in his gym in his first training session.

The 27-year old has also been quick to call out the top names in Cage Warriors’ featherweight division, including champion Jordan Vucenic, former champion Morgan Charriere and Irish prospect Paul Hughes, in an explosive Instagram post where he dubbed himself “The Saviour of the Cage Warriors featherweight division” alongside a highlight reel of his Cage Warriors debut.

When asked about his thoughts on the division, Harila pulled no punches: “I would like to fight all three top guys and I just wanted to make that clear.

“Give me any of the top guys, just tell me when and where and I’ll be there!

“Paul Hughes is good but I’ll beat him and he knows it too.

“Morgan [Charriere] is good, but I’ll beat him, and he knows it too.

“Jordan [Vucenic] has the belt and I can’t wait to get my hands on him!

It’s clear that “Bad Intention” Harila knows he is under a big spotlight too. When asked if his entrance at CW 122 was a form of mind games, he simply replied: “There is no story, it’s just me having a red carpet and a lot of lights, cameras and people watching so I just thought I would do something fun.”


Harila is very clear on what he wants to achieve in his career too, saying: ” My goal in MMA is to be the best. It’s that simple, I don’t care if I end up number 2-3-4-5, but the goal has to be simple for me. Just be the best.

“I want to take the Cage Warriors belt first, and then the UFC’s.”

Tobias Harila, Aidan Stephen

The self-proclaimed “Certified Knock Out Machine” also put the rumours of calling out the top fighter at his gym in his first training session to bed; “I didn’t really call him out but I had done some boxing before.

“I sparred all the beginners and they were not that good but I was a bit rough so, Jörgen, my coach put me in to spar with the better guys and the guy who was the top guy kicked me in the head pretty good.

“I had to step off the mat for a while, after that, I said to him that it was a good kick but I’m going to beat him in a couple of months.

“After that we became friends, but today I kick his ass.”



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