The rise of Women’s MMA in Europe

Women’s MMA is becoming more popular by the day. It’s not hard to see why.

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport of no compromise. Two athletes face off in the centre of the octagon and thousands of hours of training suddenly arrive at the point of no return. In order to defeat your opponent, you need to bring a breadth of skills and techniques that can take a lifetime to master.

This sport doesn’t care who or what you are. You step up and fight.

Women’s MMA is on the rise for exactly that reason. At the highest level of competition, Women’s fights are as dynamic, explosive and exciting as any seen between two men. Whereas some sports are criticised for adapting rules and regulations dependent on gender, here the girls and the guys do exactly the same thing. They study the game, they train to kill and, in the end, they strap on their gloves and fight.

2017 has seen some of the best women’s MMA action of recent years. In the UFC, Rose Namajunas came up against ex-Cage Warriors star Joanna Jedrzejczyk and pulled off one of the calmest, most calculated first-round upset victories in MMA history. We can’t wait to see Namajunas embark on a fresh and exciting championship reign, but will always remember what Jedrzejczyk did for Women’s MMA and look forward to seeing her come back stronger.

Her TKO victory over Rosi Sexton at Cage Warriors 69 was one of her early career-defining performances, and set her firmly as one of the best female fighters in Europe at the time.


More recently, Cage Warriors saw Belgium’s Cindy Dandois, also ex-UFC, take on England’s Kerry Hughes at CW89 in Antwerp, Belgium. Hughes came into the fight with proven technical striking skills and experience fighting on some of the biggest Cage Warriors events of all time, including the infamous CW69: Super Saturday card which sent 9 fighters to the UFC.


Thousands of Belgian fans turned out to witness Dandois secure the victory in a hometown show which has been billed as the biggest MMA event in the country’s history. Women’s MMA legend, ex-UFC World Champion Miesha Tate, was present at CW89 to show her support for Cindy and experience a landmark event for Belgian MMA.

Miesha Tate celebrates with Cindy Dandois at CW89

Another major talking point on the European MMA scene is the rise of Liverpool favourite Molly McCann.

McCann, currently riding a five-fight win streak, put on one of the fights of the year against Brazil’s Priscila De Souza at CW88 this year. Each time Molly has fought, she’s come against sturdier opponents that have tested her limits and proven she’s got what it takes to face off against the best on the continent. In fact, it’s proven a struggle to find game opposition for McCann, with her last two opponents having to be flown into Europe from America and Brazil. Molly is making waves.


Her last performance earned her a shot at the World Title at CW90 on February 24th. If she’s victorious, she will become the first ever Cage Warriors Women’s Flyweight Champion, and the promotion’s first female title holder since 2014.

As MMA continues to grow we’ll see more of these success stories edge into the mainstream. Wherever we look, we see MMA gyms rising out of almost every city on the planet, and with each female fighter doing incredible things we’ll see hundreds more inspired to put on the gloves.

We like where this is going.

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