Zac Pauga: “I like to describe myself as a car crash inside the ring”

Zac Pauga will take on Terrance Jean-Jacques at CW 126 in San Diego on August 1st, in what is sure to be a fantastic fight for fans.

Pauga enters Cage Warriors with a perfect 3-0 record, with a 5-0 record as an amateur also giving him plenty of experience in the cage.

The opportunity to fight for Cage Warriors in California is something the former Houston Texans running back is visibly very happy about: “I’m so excited!

“As soon as Cage Warriors said they were coming to the States everyone was phoning me up and tagging me in the post.

“It’s known that the closest you get to fighting in the UFC is winning the Cage Warriors belt and that is what I want to do, I want to get myself to that next level.

“I wanted to make sure I got on this card!”

When asked how he would describe his style to fans, Pauga smiles and says: “I like to describe myself as a car crash inside the ring.

“I’m going to grab a hold of my opponent.”

“I’m going to get locked up with them and be throwing knees, elbows and ground and pound from close range.”

Pauga’s training partners definitely help with this game plan. The Elevation Fight Team fighter trains alongside top-ranked UFC heavyweight, Curtis Blaydes, and MMA legend, Alistair Overeem regularly.

“All the experience Alistair (Overeem) has, all the little tidbits that he’s able to give me in getting ready for the fight, and then being able to grapple with a wrestler like Curtis (Blaydes)… my upcoming opponent is a grappler but he’s not a grappler like Curtis is!

“It gives me a lot of confidence.”

Talking about his opponent, Pauga recognises that Jean-Jacques is an accomplished wrestler at the high school and college levels, but adds: “I think my stand up is way above his level.

“He is a good wrestler and he likes to get it to the ground, and he fights hard to get it to the ground, but he doesn’t really stand and trade.

“That’s where I see myself finishing this fight.”

Pauga is a devoted family man outside the cage, and it is clear to see that they are his motivating force: “I have a wife and two kids and every day I want to get up and make a better life for them.

“I want to give them everything they deserve in this world!”

You can see Zac Pauga in action at CW 126 on August 1st via UFC Fight Pass and Cage Warriors’ global broadcasting partners.

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