With over twenty years as Europe’s Leading MMA Organisation, Cage Warriors has forged a reputation as the number one developmental route for athletes looking to reach the dizzy heights of the Mixed Martial Arts industry. 

While well over one hundred professional fighters have made the leap from Cage Warriors to the UFC, the pathway truly begins before an athlete enters the professional ranks. 

In the earlier days of the sport, it was commonplace for the majority of athletes to develop in the more traditional martial arts before transitioning into MMA. In modern times, a solid amateur MMA foundation is seen as essential for all but the smallest minority of elite athletes.

Enter the Cage Warriors Amateur Academy. 

CW has long supported amateur mixed martial arts, giving young up-and-comers a place to test their mettle before strapping on the famous yellow gloves as professionals. 

Whether in the UK, Europe or the Middle East, amateurs were a common sight on CW undercards of old. 

Fast forward to the present day and the Cage Warriors Academy network is thriving. 

Through partnerships with well respected promoters in various regions, the CWA ensures that amateur athletes can compete in a safe, competitive and well-produced environment, while knowing that the watchful eyes of Cage Warriors officials and fans will be keeping a look out for future stars. 

With Academy shows currently taking place in the South East of England, headed up by UKMMA stalwart Jack Mason, the Lowlands, headed up by Jochem Branderhorst and Harun Kina and Italy, headed up by Lorenzo Borgomeo, fighters from these regions are now taking the first significant steps in their journeys to the top of the sport. 

With CWA: Italy kicking off the academy schedule with its fourth event in February, new champions crowned at CWA: Lowlands in March and some huge clashes set for CWA: South East set for April, 2024 looks set to be another successful year for the CWA network!