Cage Warriors will make its debut in the MetaVerse this Friday night, as CW 159 becomes the first event in the promotion’s 20+ year history to be broadcast in the Xtadium.

As recently revealed by Meta and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the two industry titans have joined forces to bring the drama and excitement of live MMA action on UFC Fight Pass directly into fans’ own homes via the immersive magic of VR.

Fans will be able to catch action from Cage Warriors 159 and more via Xtadium, the premier, co-watching VR sports hub on the Meta Quest Platform, with a dedicated UFC world in Meta Horizon Worlds scheduled to launch later this year.

“There are few experiences as riveting as watching an MMA fight live, but not everyone can catch the action in person…” said Meta’s Director of Metaverse Entertainment Content Sarah Malkin.

VR offers uniquely immersive events, letting fans get up close and personal for every takedown, submission, and knockout with UFC FIGHT PASS in Xtadium and Worlds.”

“We tested this technology successfully with a handful of MMA events last year, and now we’re going further…” said UFC Chief Content Officer and Executive Producer Craig Borsari.

“The schedule of live MMA events available in Xtadium through UFC FIGHT PASS is growing and we’ll be helping to build out a dedicated UFC world in Meta Horizon Worlds that will offer the greatest fights in UFC history in a 4K 180-degree environment.

We’re just scratching the surface of how we can use this technology to create greater fan engagement and grow this sport.”

“Nothing parallels the experience of a live Cage Warriors show…” said CW President Graham Boylan.

“Now, in association with Meta and the UFC, we’re bringing that experience directly into fans’ homes the world over.”

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of the latest evolution in combat sports broadcasting, giving fans another way to get up-close and personal with the UFC stars of the future!”

Cage Warriors fans will get their first taste of the Metaverse this Friday night, as Wilson Reis takes on Trevin Jones at CW 159 in San Diego.

More information on the UFC/Fight Pass/Meta partnership can be found here.