Who doesn’t love a good knockout? Cage Warriors fans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to flashy fistic finishes over the years, and with young guns like these on our roster, fans can expect more of the same throughout the 2023 world tour!

So join us as we take a look at five KO artist prospects to watch this year!

Chasen Blair

It’s not often that a list of KO artists starts off with an NCAA Division 1 wrestler, but when you’re packing the kind of heat that Chasen Blair brings to the cage, there’s little option but to sit up and take notice. 

All three of Blair’s CW victories have come by way of highlight-reel finishes, and as the 2023 world tour kicks off on his home turf of San Diego, he’ll no doubt be ‘Chasen Paper’ once again this year. 

We may be spoiled for choice when picking a high point, but few would argue for a more impressive performance in the famous yellow gloves than Blair’s 12-second KO on our 2022 New Year’s Eve show.  

Lone’er Kavanagh  

One of the slickest boxers on the circuit, Lone’er Kavenagh may only be four fights into his professional career but he’s already garnered a reputation as a man you don’t want to trade hands with for any length of time. 

There’s no greater example than his first promotional outing at CW 134 last March. 

After an entertaining back and forth with Wales’ Ryan Morgan, Kavanagh showed that he’s as dangerous down the home stretch as he is out of the gate, using his head movement to dip out of the way of Morgan’s power shots before firing back with a crisp combination to finish the fight. 

Luke Riley

Next Generation’s Luke Riley has been on something of a tear since making his professional debut in late 2021, amassing five wins in just thirteen months, all under the CW banner. 

Perhaps more impressively Riley has yet to see the judges’ scorecards, or even the third round, as he continues to rack up finish after finish while climbing the CW rankings. 

Unfortunately that makes choosing one single performance for a list like this quite difficult, so we decided to go for the one that’s freshest in our memory… 

At CW 146 the star-in-the-making once again showed off his triple threat of accuracy, power and finishing instincts, getting the job done in just two minutes against Karol Kutyla.  

Omiel Brown 

There really is nothing like the live Cage Warriors experience; the atmosphere, the adrenaline and getting to feel the power of punches, kicks, knees and elbows landing first hard should be on every fan’s bucket list. 

Some people just hit different, and nobody encapsulates that more than Team Renegade’s Omiel Brown. 

The sound of his hooks whistling through the air before the meaty thump as they dig into an opponent’s body or temple has to be heard with your own ears to be believed. 

Brown’s power and precision were on full display at our 20th Anniversary show last year, as he floored Alexander Lindgren with a looping right hand before finishing with a flurry of ground ‘n’ pound. 

Omran Chaaban

After winning his previous CW fight by way of an incredibly slick Anaconda choke last May, few would have predicted that ‘The Lebanese Gorilla’ would end up on a list celebrating fistic prowess.

Team KF’s Omran Chaaban is full of surprises though and showed off another string to his bow when he stepped out under the bright lights of the BT Sport Studio for our 4th edition of CW: Unplugged.

Taking on fellow grappling prodigy George McMannus, Chaaban put on a striking clinic, showing off incredible shot selection to out-fox ‘The Hangman’ on the feet.

When the end finally came in the third round, it was via a series of picture-perfect body-shots, cementing Chaaban’s status as a threat wherever the fight takes place.

All five men on this list will be strapping on the famous yellow gloves over the next few months, so head over to our events page for all your ticket and event information!

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