CW 126 was full of exciting fights and incredible finishes, so we asked our photographer, Leon Sandoval, to pick his top 10 photos from the event.

1) “I love the incredible intensity and focus in the seconds before a fighter walks into the octagon. Here Cody Davis is focused, getting slapped and pumped up by his cornerman, and what I see is years of preparation ready to be tested.”

2) “John Buttner put on an impressive show of discipline, patience, technique, and aggression and I love his calm, cool, and collected facial expression.”

3) “For me, this image demonstrates the game of constantly changing strategies and adaptations fighters make in split seconds. Here Jamie Lynch’s kick was countered, he is in mid-air and countering with a right hook of his own.”

4) “Max Rohskopf’s position here is an intricate one in my opinion as it shows some finesse in maintaining control.”

5) “I love the anticipation of this moment, in a bit of a scramble, Alex Trinidad is loaded up and looking for damage.”

6) “Here Brandon Laroco is in deep on a leg lock and though Alex Trinidad is feeling it, he fought through the pain and escaped this submission attempt.”


7) “These light heavyweights put on a show and Zac Pauga’s relentless aggression is summarized well in this photo.”

8) “I see a lot going on in this picture: Kevin Wirth is working to keep the distance with his creative guard work while also trying to isolate an arm. Joseph Morales looks to capitalize on the moment with a heavy right hand.”

9) “On this day, Kyle Stewart woke up and chose violence. Clearly, he is in a dominant position with a face full of determination and he held nothing back.”

10) “I’m always torn as to whether or not I should capture a moment of defeat. I respect the fighters and I think while the world is watching what happens in the spotlight, there are just as many stories to be told in the shadows of defeat.”