UFC 304 may be hurtling toward us like a stray brick in a riot, but hardcores know that the biggest thing to impact MMA in the UK this year will land a week earlier, as Cage Warriors’ PrizeFighter hits London.

The brainchild of CW President Graham Boylan, in association with Mola and Fairtex, PrizeFighter is a one-night tournament with a life-changing $50,000 prize and the promise of a shot at the World Title for the winner.

Over the coming days, Cage Warriors resident Play-by-Play man and MMA tournament historian Brad Wharton – along with a few specially selected friends from the European MMA scene – will break down the first edition of the year’s most intriguing tournament.

Who is he?: The first rule of Fight Club? You always talk about Fight Club when Alexander Lööf is fighting. The second rule of Fight Club? You *always* talk about Fight Club when Alexander Lööf is fighting. The third rule of Fight Club?

You get the fucking picture.

One of Sweden’s brightest prospects, Lööf is a training partner of Tobias Harila and a granite-hard fist-fighter in his own right.

How does he win?: Lööf has that one-hitter-quitter in his back pocket, but it’s been a while since he pulled it out. If the Vasteras man can carry his stopping power down to 135lbs though, we could be in for a repeat of Jack Cartwright’s brutal first-round demolition-fest that pinned viewers to their seats during Cage Warriors last one-night tournament.

Hit ’em quick, hit ’em hard.

Who should he fight?: I’d pay $50,000 to watch Lööf fight a random drunk in a dirty alleyway on the backstreets of Copenhagen like a deleted scene from PUSHER, so when it comes to picking a dream pairing for him in the PrizeFighter tournament, you might as well blindfold me and hand me a dart.

Purists may espouse the virtues of a link-up with fellow favourite Michele Martignoni in the semis, but I’m in this for a bit of the old Ultraviolence.

Give me Lööf VS Maia.

Give me block-rocking punches versus shin-splitting kicks.

Give me blood, spit and sawdust.

Why should you care?: World renowned MC Ricky Wright – a man who has followed Lööf’s career from his amateur days in the IMMAFs through his formative pro years – picks the Dane to take the entire tournament.

“Firstly he’s the biggest man out of the six…” said Wright.

“…with him coming down from featherweight and others in the tournament having previously fought at flyweight, he’ll have a sizeable advantage.”

“Secondly, he has tournament experience having represented Sweden at the amateur world championships, and lastly Alex is always dangerous at any point in the fight; that right hand from hell can come from nowhere and put the toughest of opponents to sleep!”

Which fight should you watch?: Lööf may only have one fight in the Famous Yellow Gloves under his belt, but when it’s the 2023 Fight of the Year and one of the greatest Cage Warriors fights of all time, what more could you want? Lööf and Riley set a blistering pace for the duration of a blistering two-and-a-bit rounds, in a bout that realistically was seconds away from ending in favour of either party.

If you’re reading this then I’d bet good money after bad that you’ve already seen this fight and if not, now’s the time.

The 135lb PrizeFighter will air on UFC Fight Pass and International Broadcast Partners as part of CW 174: London.