He’s one of the most unmistakable faces on the Cage Warriors roster, a Swedish wrecking machine with the ability to get the crowd’s blood pumping before he even sets foot in the cage.

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Tobias Harila has been unleashing his own, personal brand of chaos in the famous yellow gloves since 2021, and with his first main event appearance pending, what better time to take a look back at ‘Bad Intention’s greatest hits.

Versus Aiden Stephen: CW 122

On a night famed for its highlight-reel KOs, a thrilling title fight between Morgan Charriere and Jordan Vucenic and the last CW appearance of Paddy The Baddy, somehow one of the most memorable moments was the debut of Tobias Harila.

Stepping through the curtain for the very first time adorned in full priest garb and trademark evil clown mask, little did we know that he was about to visit something most unholy upon the MMA world.

After stuffing a takedown from opponent Aiden Stephen, Harila picked his shots and delivered some absolutely hellacious ground ‘n’ pound, each blow amplified as it echoed through the empty York Hall.

With a final punch reverberating as though it was aimed a few inches below the canvas, the ‘Bad Intentions’ era had begun!

Versus Decky McAleenan: CW 134

CW 134 was mired in more than its fair share chaos before the first bell had even sounded.

With a spate of fight week injuries requiring a number of fight card reshuffles, Harilia found himself without a dance partner after James Hendin was promoted to the main event to face Jordan Vucenic.

With no featherweights left to match, Harilia told CW officials that he would fight whoever was available, regardless of weight.

It’s something you hear a lot in MMA, but while many talk the talk, Tobias was willing to walk the walk against Decky McAleenan at 155lbs.

It was a gamble that paid off in fine fashion; far from looking out-gunned against the bigger man, Harila blasted his opponent early, leaving the Irishman face-down on the canvas in the very first round.

Versus Damon Wilson CW 148

Part of the USA vs EU series on New Year’s Eve 2022, a pair of featherweight fan favourites collided in what was by far and wide the consensus ‘People’s Main Event’ of CW 148.

What better way to bring in the New Year than with Harila and Damon ‘The Nomad’ Wilson – two men known for their full-steam-ahead, all action fight styles – going toe-to-toe in the famous yellow gloves?

The pair did not disappoint, mixing it up at a relentless pace from the first bell and bringing the crowd at London’s indigo to it’s feet.

A vicious right elbow caught the American coming forward in the second round, stiffening him up before Harila followed his man to the mat to secure the finish.

Versus Ryan Shelley: CW 153

A bout that had all the hallmarks of a Cage Warriors classic, Shelley vs Harila was another sure-fire lock for ‘People’s Main Event’ status the second it was announced.

The Irishman’s rangy, TKD/kickboxing style versus Harila’s crash-forward Muay Thai was an inspired piece of matchmaking and a pairing that had fans counting down the days until the pair met in the 3Arena.

In the face of his opponent’s overwhelming home support and needing a big third round on the scorecards, Harilia maintained his composure and scored and absolutely clinical finish, stunning Shelley with a crisp right hand.

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